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Could a second Highway 101 wildlife crossing be a possibility for the South Coast?

National Park Service
The Ventura County Transportation Commission has received a state grant to look at issues facing mountains lions, and other wildlife crossing Highway 101 between habitats in the Conejo Grade area.

Work begins this month in Conejo Valley on world's largest wildlife overcrossing, but there's also a state funded study into the potential need for second crossing on the Conejo Grade.

Work is set to get underway in the Conejo Valley on what will be the world’s largest wildlife crossing. But, could a second crossing also be a possibility some 15 miles away?

Groundbreaking is set to take place later this month on the $90 million plus project will span Highway 101 in Liberty Canyon, near Agoura Hills. It will allow mountain lions and other wildlife to safely cross the freeway.

Now, Caltrans has just made a major grant to study wildlife movement across Highway 101 in the Conejo Grade area. Caltrans awarded the Ventura County Transportation Commission $326,000 for the research.

The study will look at issues created by the highway restricting wildlife movement. It will examine the potential for an overcrossing or undercrossing on that section of the 101 to allow the safe passage of wildlife between sections of habitat.