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Trying to keep taps from going dry: Central, South Coast legislator wants more review for new wells

Jos Speetjens
A legislator serving the Central and South Coasts has proposed a bill to help safeguard community drinking water wells.

Concern is that new pumping could overtax water basins, drying up community drinking water wells.

A state assemblyman representing parts of the Central and South Coasts is doing something to try to protect some drinking water supplies from literally being sucked dry.

A proposed new state law, AB 2201, would require permits for new groundwater pumping facilities to insure they don’t deplete existing community drinking water wells.

Democratic Assemblyman Steve Bennett of Ventura authored the legislation. Bennett says new wells are sometimes being approved without adequate analysis of how they might impact already over drafted water basins.

There’s concern that some of the new wells could actually cause some shallow residential, and community wells to go dry.