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Making every drop count in a drought - a Central Coast City is helping to reduce water use at home

City of Santa Maria
The City of Santa Maria is offering qualifying residents free low flow showerheads

The Central and South Coasts are in the middle of a drought and communities are coming up with ideas on how to deal with it.

The City of Santa Maria is offering qualifying residents complimentary low-flow rated showerheads in exchange for their old ones, as well as a water conservation kit.

It’s a reminder to make every drop count, says Myra Ritchie, Water Conservation Specialist at the City of Santa Maria.

"The showerheads are Watersense shower heads which has a low flow of 1.25 gallons per minute," she explained to KCLU. "We are in a drought, so we are able to do our part to conserve water in our household and also help protect the environment."

To participate during the month of March, bring up to two old showerheads to the Utilities Department administrative office located at the Santa Maria Regional Landfill at 2065 East Main Street during open drop-in hours, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; no appointment necessary.