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Project to build needed new wharf in Channel Islands gets underway this month

Brenda Murguia
National Park Service
Work is getting underway this month on a badly needed new wharf for Anacapa Island.

$4 million project will replace deteriorating wharf on Anacapa Island. Effort means island will be closed to public for three months.

A project to build a badly needed new wharf in the Channel Islands will get underway this month, which will mean the temporary closure of Anacapa Island to the public.

The Anacapa Island dock is deteriorating. The National Park Service is building a new, wider dock. The $4 million project will include a vertical lifting platform. It can be lowered to the level of the boat so people, and cargo can be easily offloaded. It will then lift up to the level of the island's new dock.

It's designed to last 50 years, with the new landing higher than the existing one to account for sea level rise.

The work is expected to take about three months. Because of safety concerns, the island will be completely closed to the public during the construction period.