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19 additional COVID-19 related deaths reported on Central, South Coasts Wednesday

JC Gellidon
New COVID-19 case numbers dropping on Central, South Coasts but death toll still rising.

15 deaths in Ventura County reported for Monday-Wednesday period. But, new case count numbers for the virus in the region continue to drop.

The COVID-19 related death toll continues to rise on the Central and South Coasts, with 19 additional deaths reported. Ventura County has had 15 more deaths since Monday. Santa Barbara County reported four more Wednesday.

But, there’s also some good news. The COVID-19 new case count continues to drop in the region.

Ventura County is reporting 789 additional cases since Monday. The county’s positivity test rate though official sites continues to improve. It’s currently at 12%, about half of where it was at a month ago.

Santa Barbara County added 341 cases Wednesday, with its positivity test rate at just under 17%. San Luis Obispo County didn’t issue updated numbers.