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Warning issued about some questionable COVID-19 test sites on South Coast

Mufid Majnun
Ventura County Public Health officials say you should check out popup COVID-19 test sites carefully before using them.

Ventura County Public Health officials say some popup sites being investigated.

The COVID-19 surge has strained testing facilities on the Central and South Coasts, and home tests have become tough to find.

A number of popup testing sites have been opened in the region.

You’ve seen them on city streets…popup tents with signs saying “COVID-19 testing here.” Many are legitimate, but some are not.

"There are some concerning popup sites that we've seen, especially in many as a dozen of them," said Ventura County Public Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin.

"It's not at all clear that they are legitimate," said Dr. Levin. "This is being looked into right now."

You can find legitimate test sites, and schedule testing through the state’s My Turn website portal. It’s the same portal many of us used to schedule vaccinations.

You can also find links to test sites on your county’s public health website.