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Volcanic eruption in Pacific prompts Tsunami Advisory for California Coast for Saturday morning

Jeremy Bishop
A tsunami advisory has been issued for the California Coast for 7:30-8:30 Saturday morning as a result of a volcanic eruption near the Tonga Islands.

Central, South Coasts could see larger than normal waves, strong currents.

A volcanic eruption in the Pacific has prompted the issuance of a Tsunami Advisory for the California Coast. The eruption happened last night near the Tonga Islands.

It could mean larger than normal waves, and strong currents on the Central and South Coasts between around 7:30 and 8:30 Saturday morning. But, National Weather Service officials say the unusual wave activity, and currents could last for several hours.

The biggest concern could be for docks, with one to two foot high waves potentially causing damage.

No serious damage was reported when the tsunami passed through the Hawaiian Islands, but there was some coastal flooding.

In 2010, a Pacific tsunami caused some minor damage to some docks along the Ventura County coast.