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Total number of diagnosed COVID-19 cases on Central, South Coasts surges past 200,000 mark this week

Centers for Disease Control
The number of diagnosed COVID-19 cases on the Central and South Coasts topped the 200,000 mark this week.

Santa Barbara County has record number of new COVID-19 cases for second day in a row.

Santa Barbara County has had its largest new COVID-19 case numbers since the start of the pandemic.

On Wednesday, the county reported 879 new cases, which was a single day record for the pandemic.

Then Thursday, the county reported 1,253 cases, dwarfing Wednesday’s number. The testing positivity percentage is at 21%, which basically means one in five people being tested is coming up positive.

But, to give you some perspective, the county has done a major expansion in testing, so with many more people being tested than a week ago, it makes sense you would find more people who have tested positive.

Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties didn’t release updated numbers Thursday.

The totals this week in the three counties pushed the region past a difficult milestone. More than 200,000 people have been diagnosed with the virus since the start of the pandemic. The total is 201,769 people.

2,152 people have died in the Tri-Counties as a result of COVID related issues.