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Shooter fires salvo of shots at South Coast intersection, hitting multiple vehicles.

Oxnard Police Department
Two cars were hit by gunfire, and one person was wounded at an Oxnard intersection New Year's Eve.

One person wounded in Christmas Eve attack in Oxnard.

Someone fired a salvo of gunshots at a South Coast intersection on Christmas Eve, hitting at least two vehicles and leaving one person wounded.

It happened at the intersection of Gonzales Road and H Street in Oxnard at around 11:30 p.m.

Officers say a man who was a passenger in a car traveling through the intersection heard gunfire, and realized he had been hit in the leg. The car stopped a few blocks away, and the people inside called 911. The man is reported to be in stable condition in a hospital.

After officers reached the scene, the received a call from a woman who reported someone shot at her car at the same intersection. She told investigators that she saw a man in the road, and when she honked, he shot at her.

The woman was unhurt, but her car was hit. Investigators say they are still looking for a suspect in the attacks.