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Doing good in a big way: Santa Barbara County-based non-profit delivers $1.9 billion in aid in 2021

Medicine, and medical supplies being prepared for shipment from Direct Relief's warehouse in Santa Barbara.

Forbes Magazine gives Direct Relief 100% score for insuring donations end up as needed aid.

A new survey has ranked a South Coast based charity as one of the top ten in America for the amount of donations received.

Santa Barbara-based Direct Relief received $1.9 billion dollars in donations.

That led to the non-profit being ranked fifth by Forbes Magazine in its annual list of top U.S. charities.

The organization provided $1.9 billion in medicine and medical supplies around the world. Direct Relief supplied support in all 50 states, and more than 100 countries.

The non-profit was one the few receiving 100% ratings for fundraising efficiency and for charitable commitment. The high marks are for Direct Relief keeping its overhead low, and insuring the maximum amount of donations ended up with the actual aid intended by donors.