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Four students arrested following threats made at some South Coast high schools

Threats at three high schools in Ventura County.

Students claim shooting threats were "jokes".

A total of four Ventura County high school students have now been arrested in connection with social media postings threatening shootings at some Oxnard area high schools.

Oxnard Police say a 14-year-old Oxnard High School student was arrested over a posted threat about a school shooting on the campus. A 17-year-old student was arrested for the same reason over a threat posted about a possible attack at Hueneme High School.

Oxnard Police investigators say in both cases, the students said they made the threats as jokes.

The arrests came after a student at Pacifica High School, and another Oxnard High School student were arrested following similar incidents last week. In addition to criminal charges, the students could potentially be expelled.