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South Coast zoo gets some bouncy new residents

Santa Barbara Zoo Photo
You looking at me? The Santa Barbara Zoo has three new new kangaroos which will be part of the zoo's "Australian Outback" experience opening in January.

Big crowds expected to hop to Santa Barbara Zoo to see kangaroos added as part of new "Australian Outback" exhibition.

A South Coast zoo’s newest residents could soon be among their most popular. The Santa Barbara Zoo has added three kangaroos.

They are joining four wallabies and two emus in the zoo’s new “Australian Walkabout” experience.

One of the male western grey kangaroos came from the San Diego Zoo, and two are from the Los Angeles Zoo. The adult males can stand more than four feet tall, and weigh about 120 pounds.

Construction is nearly complete on the new 15,000 square foot exhibit area at the zoo, which will open to the public in January.