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4-year-old Ventura County girl fighting for her life after what authorities say was abuse by father

Ventura County Sheriff's Office Image
A man has been arrested after his daughter was seriously injured. Investigators are calling it abuse case.

Thousand Oaks girl reported to be in critical condition at hospital.

A four-year-old Ventura County girl is reported to be fighting for her life after authorities say she was battered, and seriously injured by her father.

A 911 call sent firefighters to the 4100 block of Lemonberry Place in Thousand Oaks Monday morning. They started CPR on the girl, who was then taken to a hospital.

Ventura County Sheriff's detectives took over the case. Tekquan Alexander was arrested on mayhem, and felony child abuse charges. The 25-year-old man is also facing weapons charges, after an assault rifle and handgun were found at the house.