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Arrests made in connection with shooting which left two wounded at South Coast gas station.

Photo by Tim Hufner/Unsplash
Two people have been arrested in San Bernardino County for a shooting which left two people wounded at a Ventura County gas station.

Detectives take two into custody in San Bernardino County

There have been arrests in the Inland Empire in connection with a shooting which left two people injured at a Ventura County gas station.

The shooting happened October 29th in Camarillo. Two people were wounded in the parking lot of the West Ventura gas station. Witnesses say two people fled the scene in a car. Fortunately, neither of the victims suffered life threatening injuries.

Ventura County Sheriff’s detectives identified two men from the City of Highland as suspects. This week, they teamed up with San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies and a SWAT team to safely arrest the two men.

There’s no word on what led to the shooting.

Investigators say there’s another twist to the story. They say the two men were involved with an operation selling candy bars outside of stores in Ventura County. They say the salesman have been falsely claiming to be selling the chocolate bars to benefit non-profit groups.