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South Coast police officer seriously injured in process of making arrest

Santa Barbara Police Image
A Santa Barbara Police officer was knocked out while in the process of taking a man into custody Wednesday morning.

A Santa Barbara officer was knocked unconscious.

A South Coast police officer was seriously injured while trying to make an arrest.

Santa Barbara Police officers responded to reports of a large fight in downtown Santa Barbara at around 1:30 Wednesday morning. They were confronted by a man who threatened to fight them.

As they arrested Anthony Ramirez of Lompoc, and tried to put him into a patrol car, he knocked one of the officers to the ground. Investigators say Ramirez then kicked the officer in the face. The officer’s head struck the patrol unit, knocking them out.

After being treated at a hospital, the officer was released, but will be on medical leave until being cleared by a doctor. Ramirez was arrested on multiple charges, including battery on a police officer.