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Rain welcome on Central, South Coasts but also enhances mosquito threat

Stephen Ausmus/USDA
Mosquito control officials are issuing a warning about a potential boom in mosquitos due to standing water from the late October storm.

Mosquito control officials issue cautions about standing water in yards.

The late October rain on the Central and South Coasts was welcome, but some health officials say it could leave problem in its aftermath. Stagnant water in yards could provide breeding grounds for mosquitos.

Female mosquitos lay their eggs in water. Small puddles of water in a clogged gutter, an old bucket, or even a saucer under a potted plant could create a spot for eggs to hatch. Mosquito control officials say you should clear standing water.

They say a tell-tale sign of mosquito eggs hatching are some dark-worm like wigglers in water. They are mosquito larvae which develop into mosquitos.

Precautions are especially important now, with the discovery of non-native Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in the region. They can carry diseases like yellow fever.

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