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Man arrested after arson attempt at Ventura County high school

Photo by Amador Loureiro/Unsplash
A Ventura County man was arrested after an arson fire at a high school.

A South Coast man was arrested after arson investigators say he tried to throw a bag that was on fire through the open window of a school.

It happened October 10th at Fillmore High School. It was on a weekend, so there were no students around. Fortunately, there were no serious damage caused. Investigators used surveillance video to identify a Fillmore man as the suspect in the incident.

They arrested Eric Manzano on an arson charge. The investigators say the 34-year-old man has a prior arson conviction.

They say they are also investigating a string of other suspicious fires in the area during the last few weeks, including ones in Fillmore, Piru, and just outside of Santa Paula.