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Thunderstorms, locally heavy rainfall hit Tri-Counties

John Palminteri
A lighting strike in the Santa Barbara area Monday night.

Lightning, thunder put on big show in region.

An upper level lower pressure system has created some wild weather on the South Coast, with lighting, thunder, and some locally heavy rainfall.

Some parts of Ventura County received about .20" of rain, while some spots in the Santa Barbara area received about .10". Lightning was visible throughout much of the region.

The South Coast saw some of its heaviest rainfall before sunset, with the thunderstorms moving onto the Central Coast mid-evening.

The thunderstorm activity disrupted the start of the Monday Night Football game in Los Angeles. While Sofi Stadium is enclosed, there is an upper deck area which is exposed. Concern about lighting strikes pushed back the start of the game by more than a half-hour.

The potential for thunderstorm activity is in the forecast into Tuesday.