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Man Headed To Prison For Two South Coast Murders

Bill Oxford
An Oxnard man is expected to spend the next seven years in prison for two murders, but a potentially longer sentence sought by prosecutors was preempted by state law.

Ventura County prosecutors unsuccessfuly sought longer sentence.

A Ventura County man, who admitted he killed two people, will be released from prison when he is 25 because of the age he was when committed the crimes.

Ventura County prosecutors say Oscar Garcia shot and killed Jose Lopez in April of 2018. They say he fatally stabbed Adrian Ornelas in May of 2018.

Garcia was 15 years old at the time of the crimes. Prosecutors had sought to have him tried as an adult. But, a state law passed in 2018 prohibited the prosecution of those under 16 for murder as an adult. Ventura County challenged the law, taking it all the way to the State Supreme Court before losing the case.

Garcia is now 18. In June, the Oxnard man admitted to the killings. It’s expected he’ll remain in custody until the law says he must be released when he turns 25.