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Central Coast City Cancelling Fourth Of July Fireworks Show Because Of COVID-19 Uncertainties


Officials say despite reopenings, the safety of large gatherings is still unclear

Officials with a Central Coast city say the uncertainty over where we would be this summer with COVID-19 means there isn’t enough time to put together a traditional community Fourth of July fireworks show.

City of Santa Maria officials say they would have needed to sign a cotract weeks ago for it to happen. And, they say with many businesses having a tough time economically, it might have been hard to raise the $30,000 needed for the display.

Santa Maria will allow people to buy, and use so-called “Safe And Sane” fireworks. Non-profit groups will be able to apply for permits to sell the fireworks.

But, they can only be used for a 12-hour period in the city, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on the Fourth of July. All fireworks are illegal in unincorporated parts of Santa Barbara County.