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Ventura County To Take Operation Of 18 County Medical Clinics In-House


The doctors at the clinics will become Ventura County employees.

Ventura County Supervisors have approved a plan to take over operational control of the county's 18 affiliated primary care medical clinics.

The county has been outsourcing operations of the clinic to medical corporations. But county officials are hoping to improve the quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of care by bringing it in-house.

The county negotiated contracts with the Union of American Physicians and Dentists, which is representing the medical care professionals. As a part of the move, County Supervisors adopted a resolution to add the equivalent of 70 full time physician and pediatrician positions.

The change is set to happen on June 30th. It’s expected many of the physicians currently working in the clinics will transition to working directly for the county. The county’s medical system has more than 110,000 regular patients.