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PRI's The World: 10/21/2014

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An American ex-military man goes to fight with the Kurds against ISIS. Plus, in South Africa Oscar Pistorius is sentenced to five years in prison, but may be eligible for parole in 10 months. Also, taking a ride with Haiti's ambulance service.

PRI's The World: 10/20/2014

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While Ebola panic flares in the US, a New York Times reporter finds resilience in her native Liberia. Plus, we'll have the latest from the Turkish border with Syria. And, "Eat your cauliflower!" A London-based chef could make you change your mind about this misunderstood vegetable.

PRI's The World: 10/17/2014

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Cuba's medical brigades and their contributions to the international response on Ebola. Plus, the story of a Sikh-American who has dealt with stigma and prejudice by engaging people with humor. And from the far north, how the people of Nunavut keep the polar bears at bay so their children can trick or treat on Halloween.

PRI's The World: 10/16/2014

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We continue our coverage of the West Africa Ebola crisis and we explore the fictional world of medical thrillers with the screenwriter of the 2011 film "Contagion." Also, a conversation with Pakistani writer Bina Shah about the depiction of her homeland in the new season of "Homeland." And, Sing Peak in Yosemite honors the national park's Chinese past.

PRI's The World: 10/15/2014

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One thing Ebola means for Liberians — daily life without touching, hugging or shaking hands. Plus, how protesters in Hong Kong are using art to support their calls for more democracy. And a reality check on President Obama's strategy for dealing with ISIS.

PRI's The World: 10/14/2014

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A Sierra Leonean soccer player takes on Ebola with a fundraising campaign called #KickEbolaintheButt. And a photographer captures the surreal landscape of the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Plus, we ponder untranslatable words today in the next installment of our series, "In Other Words."

PRI's The World: 9/13/2014

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Ebola is a dangerous epidemic — not just for those who are hit with the virus, but also for those trying to care for them. We'll learn how caregivers are protecting themselves and answer some basic questions. And the US military still has a ban on transgender people serving. But a lot of them still do. One estimate puts it at 150,000 who now serve or have served in the military. We have one transgender veteran's story. Also, the music of Brazilian singer-songwriter Moreno Veloso, son of the legendary Caetano Veloso. And, can we just say, like father like son.

PRI's The World: 10/10/2014

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Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India share the Nobel Peace Prize for their work on the rights of children. We'll find out more about the lesser-known Satyarthi and his battle against child labor in India. Also today, the US Ambassador to Liberia tells us about daily life in the capital Monrovia and the challenges ahead in the fight against Ebola there. And a pop-up shop in New York devoted to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

PRI's The World: 10/09/2014

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Did deforestation contribute to the Ebola outbreak? Also, Kenya's tourism industry is taking a hit because of Ebola fears. Plus, a French novelist wins the Nobel Prize for Literature.

PRI's The World: 10/08/2014

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The first person diagnosed with Ebola here in the US has died. Federal officials say they will begin temperature screenings of passengers arriving from West Africa at five American airports. Also today, the battle for Kobani, the Syrian town on the Turkish border where Kurdish fighters are fighting desperately to keep their city out of the hands of ISIS. Plus, the brouhaha over a US-Russian exchange program after a Russian student sought asylum here in the US. And because we couldn't resist, the tale of the pig-nosed turtle and its unique properties.