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Boot Hill in Tombstone, Arizona, is the name given to an early frontier cemetery because many of the residents "died with their boots on." The site serves many who died violently, including miners, saloon keepers, train robbers and the like, who met untimely ends, often by gunshots. (Stations note: This piece originally aired on August 14, 2012 on Morning Edition.)Read More

A very large cat has been roaming the streets of Milwaukee's central city and it has residents there on edge. A number of witnesses claim it is a mountain lion. No one has reported their "pet" missing, and police combing the area haven't turned up anything.Read More

The two countries are finalizing plans for a so-called Islamic-State-free zone inside Syria along the Turkish border. The goal is to push out ISIS fighters and allow Syrian refugees to return to their country from Turkey and to provide a base for U.S.-trained Syrian rebels to fight ISIS. Steve Inskeep talks about the plan with Robert Ford, a former U.S. ambassador to Syria.Read More

Mary Kay beauty consultants and directors have been gathering in Dallas for their annual meeting. Seminar enrollment is too huge for a single event, so five waves of sales reps — 27,000 in all — are sweeping through North Texas.Read More

The National Transportation Safety Board has determined the cause of an accident involving a commercial spaceship last year. The board concluded that safety problems ran deep at the company which built the rocket.Read More

In South Korea, a small number of family-run conglomerates dominate the economy. The biggest started as a village store in 1938. It's still controlled by the same family, and it's now a household name: Samsung.Read More

The latest in a series of undercover sting videos involving Planned Parenthood features a woman who says she worked for a company that harvested organs from fetuses aborted at the group's clinics. Planned Parenthood officials say the videos are heavily edited and they've violated no laws. The controversy surrounding the videos has become a campaign issue.(Stations note: Some listeners may find this story disturbing — it centers on procuring tissue from aborted fetuses.)Read More

There's fierce resistance in Europe to a new free trade treaty that is being negotiated with the U.S., especially when it comes to food. That argument is reflected in opposition to a plan for opening a McDonalds in a Paris neighborhood.(Stations note: This piece originally aired on July 18, 2015 on Weekend Edition Saturday.)Read More

Israelis overwhelmingly support the release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard from a U.S. jail. The former civilian Navy analyst was arrested in 1985 and charged with passing classified information to Israel. He pleaded guilty and received a life sentence. A U.S. parole board ruled on Tuesday that he will be released in November. Steve Inskeep talks to Daniel Estrin, a reporter with The Associated Press.Read More

The killing of the beloved lion, hunted for sport, has been condemned by wildlife conservations. Authorities say Cecil was lured away from a protected park, wounded with a crossbow and later shot.Read More

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