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A plan has been announced for a cessation of fighting in Syria in one week's time. Mary Louise Kelly talks to Staffan de Mistura, the U.N. special envoy for Syria, about what the pause would mean.Read More

A Swedish cop chose not to arrest a driver suspected of smuggling alcohol across the border. "It's Friday afternoon," he told his superiors "and we have not intended to work late."Read More

Kanye West Gives Models Detailed Instructions

Fri, February 12, 2016 12:00pm

Kanye West was busy premiering his album, video game and fashion line. Models were busy too. Before the show he gave them instructions — 38 to be exact. For example, don't ever look at the Jumbotron.Read More

Mary Louise Kelly talks to MTV pop culture writer Crystal Bell about the new movie Deadpool, and how it reaches an audience unusual for comic book films.Read More

David Greene talks to economist Mohamed El-Erian, chairman of President Obama's Global Development Council, about recent turmoil in the stock market despite good employment numbers.Read More

Scientists have seen gravitational ripples from two black holes colliding. The discovery is the culmination of decades of work. Albert Einstein first predicted such ripples should exist a century ago.Read More

Foreign ministers — including the U.S. and Russia — meeting in Munich agreed to "accelerate" the delivery of humanitarian aid this week to Syria. They also agreed a cease-fire would begin in one week.Read More

Court documents and an NPR interview with one of the arrested occupiers tell a story of federal agents biding their time, collecting evidence against the group occupying the refuge in Oregon.Read More

Industrial Park Is A Pawn In Korea Relations

Fri, February 12, 2016 10:04am

Tensions between North and South Korea over the North's nuclear and missile tests shut down a joint industrial park. Mary Louise Kelly talks to Anna Fifield of The Washington Post.Read More

Social scientists have been studying Valentine's Day gifts, and research shows: The more you love someone, the more likely you might be to give selfish gifts.Read More

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