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An active shooting situation is unfolding at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colo. Multiple police officers and civilians have been injured.Read More

At least four officers and an unknown number of civilians were injured in a shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, police say.Read More

At least four officers, and an unknown number of civilians, were injured in a shooting at or near a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, police say.Read More

Some college football teams play to sold-out crowds in colossal stadiums. Then there's the Columbia University Lions, a squad that lost every game for two years straight. This fall, a new coach has been trying to help the Lions start winning again.Read More

Is daily fantasy sports a game of skill or one of chance? Just ask one of the industry's top winners, a Bostonian who treats daily fantasy sports as his day job.Read More

Pope Francis heads to Uganda on the second leg of his first-ever Africa visit. The country has been hit by attacks from Islamist extremists; the pontiff is urging reconciliation and forgiveness.Read More

Following a wave of politicians calling for the U.S. to hit the "pause button" on accepting Syrian refugees, we check back with Corine Dehabey, the Syrian-American head of a refugee resettlement program in Toledo, Ohio, whom we spoke to in October.Read More

Planes and buses arrive in Guatemala every day, returning migrants who've tried and failed to make it to the United States. Many are minors, stopped by Mexican police and deported back home.Read More

This Black Friday, some people are choosing not to shop. NPR talks to a state park manager in Minnesota and people on a walking tour in Los Angeles about why they're opting out.Read More

The USDA recently stunned growers when it projected the smallest orange harvest for Florida in more than 50 years. The culprit: A tiny insect that's killing off the state's trees — and industry.Read More

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