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Ben Carson is rising in Iowa. He's drawn big crowds in the state and he's catching up with Donald Trump in the polls there. Like Trump, the retired neurosurgeon has no background in elected office.Read More

Colorado's experiment with long-lasting birth control proved a big success in reducing unplanned pregnancies and abortions. But political backing has been hard to come by.Read More

Scientists have found a fern whose parents are separated by some 60 million years of evolution. This story originally aired on February 24, 2015 on Morning Edition.Read More

The Department of Justice report shows police overreacted and mishandled the aftermath of the shooting death of Michael Brown. Now policymakers and activists want to figure out how to prevent something similar from occurring in the future.Read More

The longtime head of outdoor outfitter L.L. Bean has died. Leon Gorman was president of the company for 34 years. The grandson of L.L. Bean himself, Gorman grew the company from a struggling mail order outfit that catered to sportsmen to a $1.6 billion business.Read More

Mayoral races often focus on issues such as traffic and development. And Nashville's current contest has camped out on those themes. But in the final days before voting concludes, one candidate is trying to turn attention to the religion of his opponent, characterizing her as "anti-Christian" in an effort to win over African-American voters.Read More

Her name is Miss Babe Ruth and last night in North Carolina, she took to the field for the final time for the Greensboro Grasshoppers. The dog has been a fan favorite for years retrieving bats and taking balls to umpires at the minor league ballpark.Read More

The Navajo and Hopi tribes produce about 300 million pounds of waste a year. And there are few places to dump it, let alone recycle. The tribes do not have landfills — only overflowing waste transfer stations — so there are hundreds of illegal dump sites. One Hopi man is trying to change that.Read More

NPR's Robert Siegel talks to lawyer Alan Milstein about deflategate. A federal judge threw out Tom Brady's four-game suspension over his role in the scandal Thursday.Read More

At tense meetings in Brussels Thursday, the Hungarian prime minister said refugees threaten Europe's Christian identity. He also said the migrants should be Germany's responsibility because most of them want to travel there.Read More

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