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Donald Trump has had a good summer, but he will face some hurdles in the next 30 days that could affect the future of his campaign, unless they don't.Read More

While in Alaska, President Obama will be a guest on a survival show that takes celebrities into the wilderness to eat mice, rappel off cliffs and more.Read More

Environmentalists were disappointed when the administration approved offshore oil drilling in the Arctic. While in Alaska, Obama talked about climate change — drawing praise from that same community.Read More

A new book explains that the women were not personal friends, but they were strong allies on the Supreme Court bench, especially in the legal fight for women's equality.Read More

The FAA has granted 1,300 permits that allow commercial firms to operate drones for everything from selling real estate to inspecting utility lines. But there's concern over some recent close calls.Read More

Alaska's health commissioner spends her summers working on policy issues by day and fishing for salmon for the winter on nights and weekends with her family who belong to the Yup'ik people.Read More

The arctic is the fastest-warming region on the planet, the president noted, adding the U.S., as the world's biggest economy and second-biggest carbon emitter, played a role in that.Read More

The State Department released the latest — and largest — batch of Hillary Clinton's emails Monday from her time as secretary of state.Read More

Hillary Clinton has said she neither sent nor received emails marked classified on her personal server. But 125 of the emails to be released Monday night have now been labeled "confidential."Read More

Populism and voter discontent defined this summer in politics. NPR explores what insurgent campaigns by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump suggest about the next phase of the 2016 presidential campaign.Read More

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