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World News

Kenya says its forces have killed more than 100 suspected Islamist militants following the weekend's deadly attack on a Kenyan bus. The Al Shabab militants, however, say that whomever the Kenyans got, it wasn't them. In the weekend attack, gunmen pulled people off a bus and killed 28 of them.Read More

Negotiators extended a temporary deal limiting Iran's nuclear program, which was set to expire. Secretary of State John Kerry said Iran has been living up to the deal and talks should continue.Read More

American words and phrases such as "step up to the plate, and "24/7" are now common in British English — which has some English purists' knickers in a twist. Ari Shapiro, an ex-pat who lives in London, speaks with Audie Cornish about some of the Americanisms that Brits love to hate.Read More

Amid hopeful news from Liberia of dwindling numbers of Ebola cases, an outbreak of the disease started late last month in a remote part of the country. Health worker Lorenzo Dorr gives us an update.Read More

VIPs arrive in Katmandu tomorrow for the big event. The government is whitewashing buildings, sending beggars away and promising 24-hour power. But what happens when the summit ends?Read More

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