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Like millions of Chinese gold miners, He Quangui was stricken with the lung disease silicosis. At first he didn't want his story to be told, but over time he came to trust the photographer.Read More

A stretch of the old Berlin Wall has stood for decades as an open-air gallery, covered in fine art and graffiti. Bids for luxury developments in the area have artists hitting the streets in protest.Read More

Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa appeared at a news conference with his partner. In an interview he called the Church's stance on homosexuality "backwards."Read More

The storm looks likely to stay well offshore the U.S. East Coast, but it is still dumping historic levels of rainfall on cities like Charleston. Meanwhile, Bermuda could be in Joaquin's crosshairs.Read More

As the Afghan government struggles to retake Kunduz from the Taliban, suspected U.S. airstrikes have hit a Médecins Sans Frontières facility in the city. NPR's Philip Reeves provides an update.Read More

A cafe in East London that sells $5 bowls of cereal was attacked by protesters, who say gentrification is ruining the neighborhood. Alan Keery, co-owner of the cafe, speaks with NPR's Scott Simon.Read More

NPR's Scott Simon talks with Philip Gordon of the Counsel on Foreign Relations about what options are left to the U.S. in light of the failure to remove President Bashar Assad from power.Read More

It's true for all of us. The choice of a doctor, for example, can make a tremendous difference. For those who live in remote spots and in poor countries, good luck is even more critical.Read More

A trauma center in northern Afghanistan run by the international aid group was badly damaged early Saturday at about the same time as a U.S. airstrike in the area.Read More

Major sponsors want Sepp Blatter, who is being investigated for corruption, to step down immediately. He has said he'll leave the job in 2016.Read More

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