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World News

Former Polish Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski was accused of paying for sex with children and possessing child pornography while he served as the Holy See's ambassador to Dominican Republic.Read More

Japan's team clinched a spot in Saturday's championship games at the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pa. Their training involves strict discipline, drilling and group responsibility.Read More

Officials in Poland are investigating claims that two men have discovered a Nazi-era train full of gold. Two men, who want a finder's fee, say they found it in an abandoned coal mine.Read More

It will take an act of Congress to lift the trade embargo against Cuba. President Obama, however, does have ways to make it easier for Americans to go to Havana or to sell goods there.Read More

French officials are hosting an emergency meeting on train security in Paris. Saturday's meeting follows last week's thwarted mass shooting against passengers on a high-speed train bound for Paris.Read More

Hundreds of thousands of migrants risk their lives to reach Europe. But when they get to the continent their journey isn't over. Most go on at more risk and greater cost to reach Germany and Sweden.Read More

The migrants and refugees streaming into Europe aren't traveling on their own. Leonard Doyle, spokesman for the International Organization for Migration, explains who the smugglers are and how their networks get migrants into Europe.Read More

The bodies of at least 20 people, thought to be migrants, were recently found in an abandoned truck in Austria. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with reporter Kerry Skyring about the tragic discovery.Read More

Protests turned deadly in Gujarat, India, this week. Thousands of people, galvanized by a charismatic young member of the Patel community, took to the streets to demand access to jobs and education.Read More

Last week's bombing in Thailand came after a remarkably peaceful 15 months. The military seized power in May 2014, and since, hasn't tolerated public resistance. But opposition is still there.Read More

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