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November 2010

Rare bird only found in Channel Islands focus of West Nile Virus vaccination program

11/30/2010 2:53pm    Download MP3

The Channel Islands are home to a bird found nowhere else in the world. Researchers are concerned that the Island Scrub Jay could be wiped out by disease, like West Nile Virus. KCLU's Lance Orozco looks at a unique vaccination effort intended to help protect the species.

Sea otter lawsuit settlement ends one fight, but could lead to another

11/23/2010 10:14am    Download MP3

The settlement of a lawsuit over efforts to help endangered sea otters off our coastline ends one long running battle, but could push the fight into a new phase, and more legal challenges. KCLU's Lance Orozco has the story.

Non-profits work to feed hungry during holidays

11/22/2010 1:27pm    Download MP3

The holidays are at hand, but for record numbers of Ventura and Santa Barbara County families, it's going to be tough because they don't have enough food. KCLU's Lance Orozco looks at the situation.

Links to local non-profits helping the hungry:

Foodbank of Santa Barbara County:

Click Here

Ventura County's Foodshare:

Click Here

Santa Barbara's Unity Shoppe:

Click Here

Renovation of historic road in Ventura County almost complete

11/22/2010 10:29am    Download MP3

It was once the safest route from the Conejo Valley, to coastal Ventura County for wagons. For decades, it's been a communter road for people from the Santa Rosa Valley, Moorpark, and Camarillo, to the Conejo Valley. KCLU's Lance Orozco looks at the history, and efforts to rebuild the Norwegian Grade.

Documentary to be shown to focus on traumatic brain injury, mental illness problems in Ventura Counties

11/19/2010 11:50am    Download MP3

A Ventura teenager who suffered a head injury in a surfing accident was plunged into a life of drug abuse, homelessness, jail, and mental illness. KCLU's Lance Orozco talks with the now adult man's parents about their two decade long struggle to get their son back on an even keel. A documentary about the family's story is being screened in Newbury Park on 11/19/10.

Debate continues over proposals to ban most disposable bags from stores

11/18/2010 10:47am    Download MP3

Santa Barbara and Ventura looked at, but postponed action on proposals to ban most disposable bags from stores, and a proposed statewide plan failed to make it through the state legislature. But, KCLU's Lance Orozco reports a move by Los Angeles County Supervisors to move ahead with a ban is creating new interest in the idea to try to help our environment.

Project tries to get medical, social service aid to homeless in region

11/16/2010 9:47am    Download MP3

A massive volunteer project is trying to provide homeless in Santa Barbara County with checkups, vaccinations, and other resources in advance of winter. KCLU's Lance Orozco reports the sixth annual effort is focused around a "MASH" like camp which brings together essential medical, and social services at one spot for three days.

Tiny worm named after local researcher who discovered it

11/15/2010 12:54pm    Download MP3

A tiny worm which lives among the eggs of certain types of crabs off our coastline has been named after the U.C. Santa Barbara researcher who discovered it. KCLU's Lance Orozco has the story.

Fillmore/Santa Paula football rivalry hits 100th game

11/12/2010 11:07am    Download MP3

A Ventura County football rivalry that's gone on longer than USC versus UCLA celebrates its 100th game on November 12th. It's a battle which is not just school versus school, but community versus community in the Santa Clara River Valley. KCLU's Lance Orozco has a look at the annual showdown which is literally generations old.

World War II navy veteran talks about combat experience on submarines

11/11/2010 10:06am    Download MP3

On Veterans Day, KCLU's Lance Orozco talks with a 93-year-old Camarillo man who served on the U.S. Navy's mostly highly decorated submarine during World War II. Churchill Campbell talks about some of the sub's combat missions.

Santa Barbara school wins new fitness center in statewide competition

11/10/2010 9:40am    Download MP3

Efforts by Santa Barbara's Franklin Elementary School to get physically fit are not only going well, they earned the campus a brand new, $100,000 fitness center. KCLU's Lance Orozco reports the school beat out 2400 campuses statewide to get the prize.

Vote by mail option growing in popularity in Ventura, Santa Barbara Counties

11/9/2010 12:32pm    Download MP3

More than half of the people on the South Coast who cast ballots in the November 2nd election didn't do it in polling places. KCLU's Lance Orozco looks at the local results, and the potential future of the "vote by mail" option.

Ventura County's only National Historic Landmark celebrates key element in its history

11/5/2010 11:51am    Download MP3

Ventura County's Rancho Camulos is a historic landmark because of its time in existence,

but has an even greater claim to fame as the setting for the famed 1800's novel "Ramona".

KCLU's Lance Orozco reports that this weekend, the Rancho is celebrating "Ramona Days" with a special emphasis on the 100th anniversary of the film "Ramona" starrting Mary Pickford, which was shot at the landmark.

Cirque show brings acrobats, actors, dancers to Ventura County

11/4/2010 9:43am    Download MP3

It's a show which is part circus, and part Broadway...featuring everything from singers and dancers, to acrobats who balance on stacks of chairs. KCLU's Lance Orozco gives us a look at the show "Cirque Dreams Illumination", which is on stage in Thousand Oaks this week.

Das Williams, Jeff Gorrell elected to State Assembly: Voters reject tax proposal for jail in Santa Barbara County, parcel tax for schools in Ventura County

11/3/2010 6:13am    Download MP3

View Ventura County Election Results:

Click Here

View Santa Barbara County Election Results:

Click Here

Meningitis rise in Santa Barbara County sparks concern

11/2/2010 10:20am    Download MP3

There's been a spike in the number of cases of a potentially dangerous type of illness in Santa Barbara County. KCLU's Lance Orozco talks to the county's top health official about the big increase this year in meningitis cases.

Voters in Ventura Unified School District asked to approve parcel tax to help ease impacts of state funding cuts

11/1/2010 10:39am    Download MP3

Ventura Unified School District voters are being asked to approve a $96.00 a year percel tax to raise more than four million dollars annually to help cope with the impacts of state funding cuts.

KCLU's Lance Orozco looks at Measure H, in the latest of our series of reports on Election 2010.