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December 2008

Toxics in toys concern again this holiday season

12/22/2008 9:36am    Download MP3

Tighter laws are taking effect this year to try to improve toy safety. But...officials say for this holiday season...the motto once again should be Buyer Beware.

Drive tries to get people to use reusable bags at stores

12/19/2008 9:12am    Download MP3

It's a question you get almost every time at the supermarket: Paper or Plastic? The environmentally friendly answer is neither. KCLU looks at an effort in Santa Barbara County to educate the public about this issue, and pass out thousands of reusable bags.

Santa gets big help in Santa Barbara

12/18/2008 9:05am    Download MP3

Santa is getting some big help in Santa Barbara to handle kids seeking to get their wish lists to the North Pole. Santa's helpers are gearing up to handle tens of thousands of calls from around the country for the next few days.

South Coast businesses get help going green

12/17/2008 9:11am    Download MP3

Are South Coast businesses doing all they can to operate in an environmentally friendly way? A program kicking off today is not only helping businesses go green, its providing consumers with certification so they know they are shopping green.

Energy efficiency program means big local power savings

12/16/2008 9:46am    Download MP3

From replacing old lights in businesses, to outdated lights on your Christmas tree...a local energy efficiency program is helping to save millions of killowatt hours a year.

Researchers talk about living on Santa Rosa Island

12/15/2008 9:15am    Download MP3

The Channel Islands are one of our region's most important natural resources. Some of these reseachers helping to study, and preserve them actually work, and live on them. KCLU's Lance Orozco reports from Santa Rosa Island...where he talks with some biologists about life on the Channel Islands.

State Street ballet debuts new rendition of Nutcracker

12/12/2008 9:28am    Download MP3

A timeless story...and, instantly recognizable music have turned Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" into a holiday tradition. KCLU gives us a look at an internationally known ballet company's version of the classic, which will be performed December 13th and 14th in Santa Barbara.

Unity Shoppe offers help with dignity to those in need

12/11/2008 9:14am    Download MP3

Imagine what it would be like if your family didn't have food, clothing, or presents during the holidays. Tens of thousands of people are in that position. KCLU's Lance Orozco gives us a look at a Santa Barbara store that opens it's doors, and helps families in need pick out what they need for free.

Santa Barbara County approves controversial plans for resort

12/10/2008 9:17am    Download MP3

The war may not be over yet, but a developer has won a huge battle over efforts to build a new resort on the South Coast. Plans to build a new Miramar Resort in Montecito have received final Santa Barbara County approval.

Entertainment reporting pioneer Rona Barrett talks about her career

12/9/2008 9:21am    Download MP3

Long before there was "Entertainment Tonight" or "Access Hollywood"...a now retired Santa Barbara County woman was a pioneer in the world of television showbiz reporting. KCLU's Lance Orozco talks with Rona Barrett.

Forum set to help Tea Fire victims rebuild

12/8/2008 9:42am    Download MP3

Hundreds of families are coping with the tragedy of losing their homes in last month's "Tea" Fire. As many plan to rebuild...there is an opportunity to build more fire safe, and more environmentally friendly homes. Experts are putting together a December 13th forum to help fire victims rebuild sustainably.

South Coast activists lobby national leaders for change

12/5/2008 9:40am    Download MP3

Some political activists from the South Coast are in Washington, D-C, trying to insure that the new Obama administration is hearing their calls for social reform.

Ventura City Council to look at controversial rental housing plan

12/4/2008 9:19am    Download MP3

The demand for affordable housing on the South Coast has also created a market for under the table, substandard housing units. KCLU looks at how one local city is trying to tackle the issue, with some ideas that are also making waves with landlords.

More arrests made in murder of local businessman

12/3/2008 9:44am    Download MP3

It was a shocking crime...a South Coast businessman was gunned down, and robbed in broad daylight, while leaving a bank. One man was arrested shortly after the killing...but now...four others are in custody, and a fifth is being sought.