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January 2008

New international theater festival planned for South Coast

1/31/2008 9:52am    Download MP3

Santa Barbara's International Film Festival brings some of the film industry's top talent to our region. Now...a new international festival planned for the south coast is hoping to do the same thing for live theater.

Ventura County farmers concerned about pesticide regulations

1/30/2008 9:45am    Download MP3

Some prime Ventura County farmland could end up unused this Spring. New regulations to clean up the county's air may mean farmers won't be able to use all the pesticides they need for their crops.

Former TV talk king screens new documentary in Santa Barbara

1/29/2008 9:40am    Download MP3

He was once the king of daytime television talk. Now, Phil Donahue has co-produced a documentary about a soldier turned anti-war advocate. KCLU's Lance Orozco talks with the ten-time EMMY award winning TV personality, who's showing his movie in Santa Barbara, February 2nd.

Surfing legends reunite for Santa Barbara movie premiere

1/25/2008 9:42am    Download MP3

Some of the pioneers in pro surfing visited Santa Barbara not to surf, but to take part in the world premiere of a movie about their roles in transforming the sport.

EPA sued by Santa Barbara County over air pollution from ships

1/24/2008 10:21am    Download MP3

Santa Barbara County is taking on the federal government in court over air pollution, claiming the government isn't doing enough to regulate large ships passing along the South Coast.

College students try to excite grade schoolers about Science

1/23/2008 9:36am    Download MP3

Thousands of middle school students in Ventura County are getting fired up about Science, and Engineering thru a traveling program created by some local college students.

Umpire's son writes about segregation in pro baseball

1/21/2008 9:04am    Download MP3

For decades, playing Major League Baseball was only a dream white kids could fulfill, because the sport was segregated. The African American community's response before integration was its own baseball leagues. KCLU's Lance Orozco talks with an author who's dad is one of the few still living people who participated in the league.

U.S. Men's water polo team trains on the south coast

1/18/2008 9:33am    Download MP3

The south coast is nationally known for it's surfing and beach volleyball. Now, you can add another sport to that list. The U.S. Men's Olympic Water Polo team will spend the next few months in Ventura County, gearing up for the 2008 Summer games in China.

Debate underway over ballot proposition to help community colleges

1/17/2008 9:34am    Download MP3

There's a little known proposition on the state ballot February 5th which has big ramifications for the State's educational systems. It's a proposal which has community colleges at odds wth the Cal State and U-C systems over funding.

Drumming up interest in percussion at international festival in Santa Barbara

1/16/2008 10:54am    Download MP3

Some of the world's leading percussionists are beating the drum for their styles of music at a big festival underway on the South Coast. KCLU looks at the Santa Barbara Symphony's first International Percussion Festival.

Nobel Peace prize winner, microloan creator speaks in Santa Barbara

1/15/2008 11:03am    Download MP3

He won a Nobel Peace prize for his creation of a microloan program....which has lifted millions out of poverty. KCLU speaks with Muhammad Yunus in advance of his January 16th lecture in Santa Barbara.

Jazz great performs in Santa Barbara, Ventura Counties

1/14/2008 9:57am    Download MP3

Grammy award winning trumpet player, composer and band leader Terrence Blanchard is performing locally as part of a 50th anniversary tour by the Monterey Jazz Festival. Blanchard talks about his music, and his career.

Plans to contain and tame dangerous creek on the South Coast to get big boost

1/11/2008 9:54am    Download MP3

It's a creek that's caused flash flooding in a South Coast community for decades. KCLU's Lance Orozco reports a federal grant may finally set the stage to tame lower Mission Creek, in the Santa Barbara area.

Boating ban among ideas discussed to prevent mussel infestation at Lake Casitas

1/10/2008 9:19am    Download MP3

Could a South Coast lake used by tens of thousands of boaters a year be closed to boating? That's one of the ideas being talked about to try to prevent an invasion by destructive freshwater mussels at Lake Casitas.

Santa Barbara Film Festival headlined by Hollywood stars

1/9/2008 9:39am    Download MP3

The writers strike may be bringing most movie, and television to a standstill...but it isn't stopping the South Coast's annual tribute to the movie industry. The lineup for the 2008 Santa Barbara International Film Festival was officially unveiled, and it includes a number of hot Oscar prospects.
A complete lineup is available online

Santa Barbara researcher working on exploration of one of Saturn's moons

1/8/2008 9:36am    Download MP3

It's a moon so far away from Earth, it takes a seven year space flight to reach it. But...some researchers say Saturn's moon called "Titan" is worthy of a closer look, because it has one of the most complete atmostpheres in the Solar System besides Earth. A Santa Barbara researcher is pursuing this project.

Diabetes initiative targets high risk Latino population in Ventura County

1/7/2008 9:08am    Download MP3

A program trying to help a high risk population for diabetes on the South Coast received a big federal grant to expand it's efforts. KCLU's Lance Orozco looks at the program based at Oxnard's St. John's Regional Medical Center.

Big series of storms headed towards South Coast

1/4/2008 9:33am    Download MP3

The South Coast could be getting hit with the biggest series of storms in years, with this biggest one arriving later today. KCLU's Lance Orozco reports. (Friday 1/4)

Former SB News-Press employees celebrate victory over newspaper

1/3/2008 9:19am    Download MP3

Some former employees of a South Coast newspaper talk about their victory in an important round in their battle with the paper. KCLU's Lance Orozco has the latest on the controversy surrounding the Santa Barbara News Press.

Ventura County program combines substance abuse, mental health treatments

1/2/2008 10:06am    Download MP3

Mental health issues, and substance abuse can often be intertwined problems...but in many cases...they aren't treated that way. A program in Ventura County is receiving national recognition for its one-stop approach for providing services for people dealing with both issues.