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Liberal Minority Won Over Conservatives In Historic Supreme Court Term  |   

The latest session made history on several fronts, and accepted cases for next year that will likely make still more. This year the liberals won a lot — but that doesn't mean they will in the future.

After Rejecting Bailout Plan, Greece's Economic Future Is 'Invisible'   |   

Greek voters turned down a bailout offer from European leaders on Sunday. Both before and after the votes were counted, Greeks were divided over how the outcome would affect the country's future.

Kerry: Iran Faces 'Hard Choices' To Reach Nuclear Deal With West  |   

The secretary of state, who has been in talks in Vienna for the past several days, says an agreement could be done "quickly" if Tehran is prepared to compromise.

Trump's Campaign Theme Song Headache? Blame Michael Jackson, Sort Of  |   

Candidates keep getting in trouble for picking theme songs without getting approval from the artist. You can trace this back to changes in both campaigning and the way companies sell products.

A Reopened Embassy In Havana Could Be A Boon For U.S. Businesses  |   

When the U.S. reopens its embassy in Havana, it will increase its staff. That should mean more help for American businesses hoping to gain a foothold on the Communist island.