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Revive Big Band: Where Jazz Meets Hip-Hop  |   

For trumpeter and composer Igmar Thomas, much in contemporary music has clearly evolved from the jazz of eras past. It's the insight behind his big band, which recently visited his alma mater.

How To Turn A One-Man Band Into A 10-Piece Orchestra  |   

When trumpeter and composer/arranger Steven Bernstein started working with the virtuoso pianist Henry Butler, certain unique ideas — "Henryisms" — came to the fore.

On 'Collective Portrait,' Eddie Henderson Is Still Taking Risks At 74  |   

Eddie Henderson may never have quite gotten his due, but there's still time to correct that.

Joan Shelley On World Cafe  |   

Hear the Louisville folk-pop singer perform songs from 2014's beautifully languid Electric Ursa.

Royal Thunder, 'Time Machine'  |   

With intertwining guitars and Mlny Parsonz's soulful vocal, the Atlanta hard-rock band draws power from nuance.