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Apps Aim To Guide You On 'Sustainable Food' (Whatever That Means)  |   

Consumers who care about how their food is produced have a growing number of apps they can turn to at the supermarket. The problem? Nailing down just what sustainability means when it comes to food.

VIDEO: You Don't Know Jack-O'-Lanterns  |   

Explore the guts and glory of pumpkin science with Skunk Bear's latest video.

18 Student Science Experiments Lost In Rocket Explosion  |   

Melissa Block speaks with high school freshman Natalie Moyer about her experiment that was lost on the Antares rocket when it exploded on Tuesday.

Monsanto Hired This Guy To Help It Win Over Millennials  |   

Vance Crowe, 32, has a tough assignment: reach out to millennials, many of whom are skeptical of GMOs. Crowe says the company can do a better job of listening to their concerns.

Rocket Explosion Comes At A Tough Time For NASA  |   

Investigators spent the day at a NASA launch facility in Virginia trying to understand why a private cargo rocket exploded moments after liftoff. There were no injuries but the accident is a setback for the company, Orbital Sciences, and NASA. NASA is relying on private contractors to help ferry supplies to the International Space Station. The accident also changed the discussions happening at an annual space convention being held this week in Huntsville, Ala.