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A Star-Crossed 'Scientific Fact': The Story Of Vulcan, Planet That Never Was  |   

For decades, astronomers believed there was another planet in our solar system, tucked just out of sight. Then Albert Einstein figured out it wasn't there. Author Thomas Levenson explains.

Drought Turns Spotlight On Future Of California Farms  |   

Half of all fruits, vegetables and nuts grown in the United States come from California. Despite four years of extreme drought, the state's agriculture industry is thriving for some farmers. Ben Bergman with member station KPCC reports.

Recordings Might Sound A Silent Alarm About California Drought  |   

Bernie Krause is an audio ecologist. This year he noticed a precipitous drop in the sounds of one his favorite field recording sites, a change he attributes in large part to California's drought.

2 Degrees In Paris: The Global Warming Set To Dominate Climate Conversation  |   

As world leaders gather in Paris to talk about climate change, one phrase that will dominate conversations is "two degrees." Global leaders will discuss how to prevent global temperatures from warming by more than two degrees since the industrial revolution.

Loneliness May Warp Our Genes, And Our Immune Systems  |   

Loneliness takes a toll on many aspects of health, in part because it activates a fight -or-flight immune response. That may have helped ancestors survive lonely exile, but can slowly kill us today.