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Volcanoes In Iceland, Papua New Guinea Keep Residents On Edge  |   

Two eruptions a half a world apart have caused evacuations and aviation warnings, but so far no injuries.

As BP Pays For Oil Spill Impact, Some People Aren't Seeing The Cash  |   

The oil giant is paying billions of dollars to businesses hurt by the 2010 spill, but won't pay business owners hurt by a government drilling moratorium that was put in place after the spill.

Rats! New York City Tries To Drain Rodent 'Reservoirs'  |   

Health officials want to reduce the rat population, so they're hiring extra exterminators, sealing up holes and teaching regular New Yorkers how to make homes and gardens less rat-friendly.

Night Of The Cemetery Bats   |   

And you thought cemeteries were for the dead. A nighttime census of leafy Bellefontaine in St. Louis reveals at least two species of bats. Parklike graveyards provide key habitat for urban wildlife.

What We Really See When We Go See A Movie  |   

Dr. Tim Smith, a visual scientist at the University of London, discusses how our brains perceive what's seen on the big screen. How do we process images, events and stories that we see in the movies?