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How High Debt From The Housing Collapse Still Stifles Our Economy  |   

Seven years after the subprime mortgage crisis, the U.S. economy has not yet fully recovered. Now two economists have come up with new evidence about what's holding the economy back.

New Rules Proposed For Oil-Carrying Trains In Wake Of Fiery Crashes  |   

The Obama administration is proposing new safety rules for railroad oil tank cars, after a series of fiery derailments. The rules would phase out thousands of older cars in two years.

Rural Startups, Often Overlooked, Are The Focus Of New Investment Programs  |   

Small-town startups often struggle to attract serious investors. But efforts are under way to help entrepreneurs outside the urban beltway find financing.

GM Recalls Nearly 718,000 Vehicles For 'Varying Safety Issues'  |   

GM says no deaths and only two crashes have been linked to the recalls. While many of the vehicles have relatively minor issues, thousands of others have potential problems with their steering.

After Two Disasters, Can Malaysia Airlines Still Attract Passengers?   |   

Even before the double calamity of its two downed flights, Malaysia Airlines was trying to adapt to momentous shifts in Asia's aviation industry. Now, it faces either bankruptcy or privatization.