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These Are The People Who Haul Our Food Across America  |   

Farmers, chefs and small-batch producers get a lot of praise these days. Truckers are rarely mentioned — yet most of the food that ends up on our dinner tables depends on their labor.

Mixed Jobs Report Adds Uncertainty To Fed Interest Rate Debate  |   

The August jobs report boosted uncertainty about the Federal Reserve plan to raise interest rates. Employers added 173,000 jobs — fewer than expected — but the unemployment rate fell to 5.1 percent.

New Film Asks: Were Steve Jobs' Flaws Uploaded To His Machines?  |   

Alex Gibney's documentary joins a growing list of Steve Jobs biopics and biographies. The director's thesis seems to be that Jobs' flawed character was infused into the machines he made.

Unemployment Rate Dips To 5.1 Percent Amid 173,000 New Jobs In August  |   

The latest job-creation figure fell short of economists' forecasts. But the reports from the Department of Labor added a total of 44,000 jobs to the tallies for June and July.

Nativism And Economic Anxiety Fuel Trump's Populist Appeal  |   

Many Americans don't see either political party as offering real solutions. So Trump — with his anger at immigrants, trade, Wall Street and Washington elites — is filling the void.