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NATO To Create New 'Spearhead' Force For Eastern Europe  |   

NATO leaders are expected this week to set up a rapid-response force to defend against potential Russian aggression.

To Model Manhood, Immigrant Dads Draw From Two Worlds  |   

Many immigrant men in the U.S. work hard to hold onto definitions of masculinity from their native countries — while also rejecting more rigid gender roles that may be the norm in their homelands.

Pro-Russia Rebels Say They Will Settle For Autonomy In Ukraine  |   

It's a step back from the full independence they were seeking and may reflect a Russian desire to end the crisis, which has led to Moscow's worst ties with the West since the end of the Cold War.

These 5 Crops Are Still Hand-Harvested, And It's Hard Work  |   

Saffron, vanilla, palm oil, cacao and cottonseed oil are still picked by hand in some parts of the world. Sometimes that manual labor shows up in the price of the food; sometimes it doesn't.

U.K. Seeks To Expand Terrorism Laws To Target British Fighters  |   

Prime Minister David Cameron wants to give police the power to seize passports of Islamist fighters bound for Iraq and Syria. On Friday, Britain raised its threat level to "severe" from "substantial."