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California Lutheran University

The Vision

Your support has never been more important

With your help we can:

  • Replace an aging, outdated facility with a stunning state-of-the-art structure equipped to serve the current and future needs of our region.
  • Expand the station's reach so more residents can enjoy KCLU's outstanding and important programming.
  • Provide an inspirational TRAINING VENUE where tomorrow's broadcasters and journalists are trained to respect the highest degree of ethical standards that have come to be associated with KCLU and NPR.
  • Ensure that the station's programming remains as astute and diverse as the communities it serves.
  • Create an endowment TO SECURE THE FUTURE OF KCLU so that the future of KCLU is secure for generations to come.

If you love public radio ... or if you love KCLU ... or if you love your community, now is the time to join our family of donors. Show your support of this important community resource. Help assure the survival of public radio in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

Reaching further

A top priority for KCLU, and a logical extension of its heritage and mission, is to expand its signal to allow even more residents in Santa Barbara and the surrounding communities to enjoy the station's exceptional programming day after day.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL ALLOW KCLU TO solidify the station's strong signal in Ventura County, AND expand its reach to Solvang, Goleta, Carpinteria, Summerland and every community in between. In doing so, KCLU will fortify its true regional presence for providing the kind of quality news reporting and provocative dialogue that people can rely on and trust.

A passion for public radio

We do not live in a static world, and an increasing challenge is recognizing the need to plan for tomorrow while being responsive today. As such, a portion of every dollar raised in this campaign will be earmarked to create an endowment dedicated to ensuring that KCLU remains a vital force in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties for years to come.

Whether keeping up with rapidly changing technologies, enhancing programming or seizing some yet unknown wonderful opportunity, KCLU will be well positioned to continue to cherish and fulfill the very special relationship that currently exists between the station and its valued listeners.