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Equipment Fund

Adopt a piece of equipment for our Newsroom, On-Air Studio or Production Rooms and help us provide breaking news for Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties! Click here to adopt equipment »

On-Air Studio


We need a lot of equipment to bring you the best in broadcasting. You can adopt the whole darn room for $75,000, or see more information below to help us purchase a single piece of equipment.



Purchased by Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Margaret Miller
1 Purchased by Percy and Clifford Severn
1 Purchased by Gary and Celia Semolich
1 Purchased by Katheryn and Ian Leslie
1 Purchased by Barbara and Paul Witman

The first microphone was invented in 1876 by Emile Berliner, for a telephone. You can call it a mike or a mic, but it really comes down to a way to get one voice to the ears of many. There are dozens of types of microphones, but ours is a condenser mic and we can't wait to break it in.



1 purchased by Charlotte Lee and Nicolas Lee
2 purchased by Erika Schutte

No this is not the boom on a sail, but that's where it got its name from. It's a loud word for a quiet thing that holds the microphone and actually keeps it from making a noise if bumped. And it keeps it in the face of the broadcaster so she can hold her papers and talk at the same time.

Guest Mics & Headsets


1 purchased by Storleen Stewart

You wouldn't ask your dinner guests to take turns with a single fork. It would take all night to eat and, well, it's just gross. We want our studio guests to have their own microphones and headsets. Multiple-host shows like Emotional Fitness and other Crosstalk programs need the use of several microphones so everyone can listen and respond! What a concept.

Audio Console


We could use big words for this audio console; really big words like interface, ergonomics and multiplexed. But the most important thing about this brand-new digital audio console is that it works like a charm. Mixing, recording and broadcasting all in one lovely package. We are so excited about this amazing new toy that we have all promised not to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the control room.

Audio Workstation PC


Once you get up close and personal you can see why we have the "no peanut butter and jelly" rule. This little puppy allows us to edit, create, produce, record interviews and basically make great radio. When I asked Jocelyne if this is the real price she said, "Yeah, you can get a rockin' fast system for only $2,500!"



Purchased by John and Katherine Johnston

It looks so simple, even a child can understand it. But this equipment makes sure critical emergency information reaches our community when it's needed.

In-table Electronics Interface


When Dave Meyer was a little boy he asked for one of these from Santa. Unfortunately, they hadn't been invented yet, so he got a red wagon instead. It's not too late to make Dave Meyer's childhood dream come true. Hint, hint.

Zephyr IP


Yep, this little baby is a Zephyr IP. It transmits quality audio over available IP links. So, the next time the BBC comes here to record something they will be thrilled with the sound quality. Yes, I said the BBC, and yes, they came here. Sure, we recorded something for them that we sent across the ocean. Yeah, we're that cool.

Wireless Mic System


"This is Lance Orozco, speaking to you live from the Community Room in our brand new Broadcast Center. We have dozens of volunteers standing by to answer your calls, and folks, it's Matching Minutes, so every dollar will be matched, and there go the phones ringing now!" One day soon you will hear these exact words as Lance uses our Wireless Mic System to broadcast live from anywhere, including right there during pledge drives.

PCs for Pledge Drives


1 purchased by David W. Grotenhuis and Mrs. Anna R. Gustafson-Grotenhuis

OK, I'll be honest with you. We won't have "dozens" of volunteers as Lance just said, but we will have ten fabulous, donut-bringing, coffee-drinking volunteers, and they will each need a PC station with software. At $1,300 per station it really is an inexpensive way to make Mia really happy for years to come.

Off-Air Receiving Antenna


Purchased by David Young and Jill Forman

Dude! Check this out! Remember when you used to climb up on the roof and everyone would gather round the radio and tell you when the signal came in clearly? To the left! No back a little, good that's it! This righteous piece of equipment will help us avoid things like Uncle Harold falling off the roof.

Hybrid Call Director


We use this device for shows such as Crosstalk, giving us the capability to record, edit and air phone calls instantly. On-the-fly news and business reports can be updated from the field, so when the helicopters douse Lance with fire retardant, we not only continue to hear Lance's report, but we can pick up the sound of the fire retardant hitting his nice clean shirt!

PA System


Purchased by William Stivelman

Revolutionary! Fully digital! Amazing configuration and control capabilities! Lightweight, easy to transport, lovely to look at, delightful to hold! Let's face it, friends, this is not your father's PA system.

Acoustical Treatment

$9 per square foot

Many Feet Purchased by Shirley Critchfield
And more feet purchased by Storleen Stewart

Look, I'm going to level with you, Mary will start crying if someone doesn't adopt this equipment and it's not pretty when she cries. She might need a padded room soon. No, this is not a padded room, but close. It's acoustical treatment for walls and ceilings. It sure will be great to have something other than old egg cartons and used dorm carpeting on the walls. Sigh.

Cabling & Connectors


Once upon a time, in a freshman dorm far, far away, Tim Schultz – just a young student at the time – did the original wiring that today supports the KCLU Radio Station. Tim is still with us today, volunteering many hours with chewing gum and paper clips to help us stay on the air in our current outdated facility. To tell you the truth, we rarely understand anything that Tim says: he speaks true computer-speak with a heavy dialect of engineer. But we trust him with our lives and when he says we need new cabling and connectors, we do what he says.

Audio Processor


Human hearing extends from approximately 20 Hz to 20 kHz, determined both by physiology of the human hearing system and by human psychology. These properties are analyzed within the field of psychoacoustics. Audio processing was necessary for early radio broadcasting -- as there were many problems with studio-to-transmitter links. I got all this from Wikipedia. Not a clue what I am saying, but I sound smart, don't I?

Equipment Racks (3)


They are empty now; but not for long. And we really do need them. The afternoon news team just tripped over an amplifier or something that really should have been in a rack. Nuff said.



1 Purchased by Emily and Bradford Boyes

OH LOOK! Here's something to put in the racks!

TV w/wall mount


1 Purchased by Kathy and Randolph Long
1 Purchased by Barbara and Norman Lueck
1 Purchased by Karen and William Evenden

Does seem kind of weird to have a television set in a radio station. But we news people always want to know what the other networks are saying. It helps us stay on top of news as it breaks. So that will be one way that our news team can use this flat screen, even when they are on the air, since this little number can be mounted inside our news room.

Generator & Transfer Switch


Think about it. You're nice and cozy in your little bed when the phone rings to warn you that the power at KCLU has gone out. If you are Jim Rondeau, you have to leap out of bed and run to the station to transfer over the power to the generator. Poor Jim. He already gets us all up at 6 am every morning with news, weather and traffic. Doesn't he deserve a good night's sleep? This automatic generator will click on - well - automatically!

Feeling confused? Can't make up your mind? Just make a donation and then we'll tell you what you helped us buy for your donation. Feeling really generous? Equip a whole studio! Let us know you're interested and we'll call you to discuss payment options.

Click here to donate a piece of equipment »