(Cal Poly SLO photo)

Central Coast Architectural Students Work On Vision To Rebuild Norcal Community Hit By Brush Fire

It’s the deadliest fire in California history. The Camp Fire killed more than 80 people, and destroyed nearly 14,000 homes. But, some Central Coast architectural students are involved in a project to help the devastated city of Paradise come up with a vision for rebuilding.

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(Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department photo)

Law enforcement officers say they’ve busted a cannabis cultivation facility on the Central Coast operating with a fraudulent permit.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office investigators say the large scale operation was on the 2000 block of Wild Oak Road near Lompoc.

Enjoy the break in the wet weather we’re getting, because it won’t last long. A storm system is headed towards the Central and South Coasts, one which could bring heavy rain at times from Tuesday night into Thursday.

California Lutheran University is giving undergraduate students interested in becoming teachers a taste of life in the classroom.

Cal Lutheran has teamed up with Meadows Art and Technology Elementary School in Thousand Oaks to give the students some hands on experience, while enhancing learning for some kindergarten through fifth graders.

A protest by a handful of members of a radical church related to the Borderline Bar and Grill shooting, and the recent wildfires drew hundreds of counterprotesters to Thousand Oaks Monday morning. Hundreds of people braved temperatures in the 30’s to line a section of Moorpark Road, saying they won’t allow hate in the community.

(Cal Poly SLO photo)

It’s the deadliest fire in California history. The Camp Fire killed more than 80 people, and destroyed nearly 14,000 homes. But, some Central Coast architectural students are involved in a project to help the devastated city of Paradise come up with a vision for rebuilding.

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Efforts Underway To Help Unusual Fish Spread Back Into Native Habitat On Central, South Coasts

They are primitive, almost scary-looking fish once commonly found off the Central and South Coasts. Imagine an eel-like creature with a mouth thar looks like a suction cup with teeth. The fish are Pacific Lampreys, and they are almost gone in our region.

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Several leaders and members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering.

President Obama has nominated Carla D. Hayden as the next librarian of Congress. If confirmed, she would be the first woman and first African-American ever to lead the world's largest library.

Hayden is currently CEO of the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore.

In a White House statement, Obama says he and the first lady have known Hayden since she was at the Chicago Public Library, where she was deputy commissioner and chief librarian from 1991-1993.

Death Valley, Calif., one of the hottest places in the world, is in bloom with more than 20 species of colorful desert wildflowers.

The New York State Supreme Court has ruled that chain restaurants in New York City can be fined after Mar. 1 for failing to post sodium warnings on certain items on their menus.

The ruling is a win for the city's Board of Health, which unanimously passed a rule last September that requires chains with 15 or more locations nationwide to print a salt-shaker warning icon next to menu items containing 2,300 or more milligrams of sodium.

Keila Atuesta Jaimes, a petite 25-year-old, is lying on an exam table next to an ultrasound machine. The doctor moves the wand across her belly. It's pretty flat. She's only about three months pregnant. Then suddenly, there's the heartbeat!

Atuesta smiles. Nervously. About three weeks ago she came down with the kind of rash and fever she figured could mean only one thing: Zika.

Across the U.S., more than 20 million people abuse drugs or alcohol or both. Only about 1 in 10 is getting treatment.

People seeking treatment often have to wait weeks or months for help. The delays can jeopardize the chances they'll be able to recover from their addiction.

When you edit a blog called "Goats and Soda," and you read a story about a goat locked in a car in the parking lot of a Home Depot in Oxford, Mass., and you learn that the goat turned on the hazard lights and wipers, pooped on the driver's seat and ... drank an old cup of soda, you have no choice.

You have to cover the story.

One of the most puzzling astronomical discoveries of the past decade has just gotten a little bit clearer. Astronomers still don't know what's producing the brief, powerful bursts of radio waves they've been detecting, but for the first time, they've been able to see where one of them is coming from.

Astronomers first detected these so-called fast radio bursts in 2007. Until now, all 16 FRBs that have been reported have been found by combing through archival data.

On the eve of South Korean President Park Geun-hye's third anniversary in office, protesters gathered in Seoul on Wednesday to condemn the administration's increasing crackdown on free speech. These protesters were unlike any others Seoul has seen. They were holograms.

The life-size hologram "ghosts" marched across a transparent screen facing an old palace gate at Gwanghwamun Square, a historic center in Seoul.

Social networks have changed the world, but they make things very complicated for the CIA.

Facebook, Twitter and other services give the spy agency enormous amounts of new information about people of interest around the world, but they also open up huge new vulnerabilities.

For example, how should the CIA conceal details about a spy who has been sharing information about herself online before joining the agency — perhaps since she was in middle school? And can it create a convincing enough story about people who have to lie about who they really are?